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Week 3 Relfections

Posted by on September 20, 2012
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Week 3: Dangerously Irrelevant


I decided to look at the website Dangerously Irrelevant for my week the critique.  I have to say that its probably one of the best websites I have been to yet.  I went to most popular podcasts and decided to watch the first one which was titled, Did you know?  I found out a lot of information about our world that I previously did not know.  I had no clue that total newspaper readers were down 18.4% and magazines orders are down by as much as 15%.  While all this is happening the total usage of computers is up 10% and cellphone usage is up 18.1%.  Almost 20% more of our population is using their cellphones to read the paper and get their news rather than sitting down and actually reading it in hard copy.  I think I’m going to go to the nearest newspaper stand and buy a paper just because of that.  What a good website and video but that’s depressing that so many people are spending their time looking at an electronic device.



Week 3: School Technology


So I started pondering at this site and within 2 minutes I found something that caught my eye.  It was called I Pad Rock star boot camp.  I am completely jealous of these kids.  They are able to use a drum set and even record music in a studio all by using an I Pad.  If I was in middle school today I would be all about this.  I can’t believe the technology that in our schools.  This kid of stuff is going to open the door for so many students in the future.  Think of all the students who in the past were bored and failed to pay attention because lack of interest.  These I Pad lead classes could help keep students intrigued in their classes.  What a great idea on the behalf of these teachers.  I cannot wait have I Pads in a class so that I can incorporate them into my instruction.

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