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Week 4 Reflections

Posted by on November 29, 2012
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Week 4: Websites of the day

This website had a wealth of knowledge in it!  There are resources for every subject, every topic you can think of and they’re all set up for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners.  Though all of these resources are beneficial for ESL learners, they might have other great ideas for all students to jump start lessons or derive ideas from.  There are even websites that have general topics on word-art, clip art sites, and other tech gadgets.  I found the Most Popular Blog Posts had several very beneficial websites for ESL lesson planning as well as other websites to help prepare and plan accordingly.  This website would be great for those teachers that may need a little bit of support for those readers who are struggling.  This gives teachers many more resources that they can use in their daily lives for those few students that may need a little extra help here and there.


Week 4:  NCS Tech

Kevin has taken lesson plans on a week-to-week basis, tweaked these lesson plans with a little technology and created several great lesson plans using these technologies.  Yes, these are things that may not be available for all teachers, but I think this website is great to get teachers minds going to see how they can make these ideas and plans work for their classrooms.  This website utilizes many tools like Google Earth to break down lessons for Kindergarten to 4th grade.  There are lessons for Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies and more available on this website.  Other great websites are included to help students with their typing skills.  with the wide variety of resources on this website it would be hard to go through and pick out all the best ones.


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